Workplace Injuries and Accidents

Emma having fun on an exercise bike

Testimonial: Emma

What did you achieve from our Exercise Physiology program

  • I had pain with most things I did during the day. I was afraid of movement when I first started. I can now move with less pain and have returned to activities that I did not think possible when I started.

What goals did you have prior to starting the program and how did we help you achieve them (20 words or less):

  • Just to be able to move, without pain. I had a great experience and everything was explained to me to make me feel comfortable and in control the whole time.

Recovery from accidents or workplace injuries

Unfortunately, accidents and injuries are a normal part of life that cannot always be avoided. Accidents and workplace injuries can impact your entire life, leaving you with pain, reduced capacity to do the things you love and can even increase your risk of future injury.

How we can help

Our experienced Exercise Physiologists have worked with many clients to rehabilitate from injury, increasing their confidence and rebuilding their physical conditioning to return to normal life and work activities.

Scientific evidence shows that early exercise intervention for both operative and non-operative managed injuries is highly beneficial and is now becoming a standard practice and often preferred treatment method.

In many cases exercise interventions maximize recovery outcomes in similar or shorter time frames then previously preferred methods including surgery in some cases.

Our practitioners use only evidence-based practices to help you increase your strength and conditioning to help you achieve your goals and return to work and life as normal. If you think you may benefit from an exercise program but are unsure what to do now, contact us and see if one of experience Exercise Physiologist can help you.

Work Cover

Workplace injuries can often impact more then just your working life. We understand this and aim to help our clients not only return to work but also return to the things they love doing.

Our Exercise Physiologist's have years of experience working with clients within the workcover scheme and in this time have successfully helped our clients return to their employment feeling stronger and often more confident in the workplace.

At NP Exercise Physiology we understand the importance of communication and pride ourselves on maintaining open communication between the treating medical team, case managers and other key stakeholders but also most importantly with our clients themselves.

Incidents and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Recovering from motor vehicle accidents or injuries resulting from other accidents can be tough both mentally and physically. Common injuries like whiplash can leave you with ongoing chronic pain, reduced strength and function and can really impact your quality of life.

Our Exercise Physiologists have worked with clients through the CTP scheme to overcome their injuries and regain their strength and confidence to live their lives.We can discuss ways you can manage your pain and develop a program tailored to your needs so you can increase you strength and regain your confidence to return to the things you love doing.


Our Approach


  1. We start with a 45 -60 minute initial assessment. We will ask questions about your current symptoms, you relevant medical history and goals. We will  assess some physical measures which may include assessing your range of motion and current strength. Then we will trial a light exercise program with your needs and goals in mind.


  1. We will then schedule  review appointments to monitor your progress and adjust your exercise program to suit you as your needs change. Your needs and progress will determine how many and how often sessions are recommended.


  1. We will review your progress every 4-6 weeks by re-assessing physical assessment measures and compare to those from the initial assessment to track your improvements.  A progress report will be developed to keep your medical and support team informed about your progress and the our treatment goals moving forward.
  2. As your return to work and your function and confidence improves supervised sessions will reduce towards the end goal that you are able to return to work and self manage your exercise program long term.