Living with Arthritis

Although arthritis can occur in younger people, arthritis and osteoporosis are more common as we age as general wear and tear, past injuries and other health conditions catch up with us.  Arthritis in most cases can result in pain, reduced joint function, reduced capacity can impact quality of life.

How we can help

If you have arthritis, exercise can help improve joint function and mobility and reduce pain so you can go about daily life as comfortably as possible. If you are experiencing knee pain, back pain or other joint pain related to arthritis or osteoporosis, our Exercise Physiologists can tailor a management plan to help you be as active as possible.

Despite common belief regular exercise is one of the most effective treatments for managing and preventing osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and is highly recommended by Arthritis Australia. Research has found many benefits from regular exercise including:

  • Improved pain
  • Reduced stiffness and restriction
  • Increased range of motion and joint function
  • Improved quality of life
  • Increased mobility
  • Improved Bone mineral density

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologist have the knowledge and experience to prescribe individualised exercise programs for those living with osteoporosis and arthritis. Understanding your individual needs is important to ensure your exercise program is both safe and effective at helping you achieve your goals. Our Exercise Physiologists use only evidence-based interventions to best manage symptoms of arthritis and osteoporosis.

Our Approach


  1. All new clients will start with a initial assessment with one of our Exercise Physiologists. In this assessment we will ask questions about your health, relevant medical history and discuss your personal goals. We will likely take some physical measures including assessments of your strength, mobility and balance to better understand your needs.
  2. Then we will develop  your individualized exercise program, tailored to your goals and current needs.  We will take you through this program to ensure you are safe and feel confident to complete this on your own this may occur over multiple individual sessions as needed.
  3. From here a plan will be developed with you, to either continue with further one on one reviews to check your progress and alter your program as needed or you may choose to join one of our group classes for ongoing supervision.
  4. We will reassess your physical assessment measures to compare to those from the initial assessment and to track your progress and appropriate progressions will be made to your program to ensure you keep achieving your goals. We will also keep your doctor informed about your progress and goals by sending a progress report.