Our Team

Nicholas Penny: Director

Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Since establishing his practice in 2017, Nick has earned a reputation for delivering a personal, professional service and building a team that helps people achieve their goals through an effective balance of encouragement and accountability.

Nick enjoys working in all aspects of physical rehabilitation and has a particular focus on joint injury, workplace injury, motor vehicle injury and arthritis. He collaborates regularly with Arthritis SA, speaking at seminars to raise community awareness of the benefits exercise can bring to overall quality of life, daily living and health.

Outside of work Nick stays active by swimming, surfing and weight training. He is fluent in Portuguese and has grown fond of Brazilian food.

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Stuart Jeffs

Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Since joining our team in 2017, Stuart has channelled his knowledge of chronic pain management and injury rehabilitation to help our clients get back to a healthy, happy lifestyle. He is passionate about helping people understand how to take charge of their own physical health long term.

Skilled at guiding people through their recovery, Stuart works frequently with people who have sustained workplace injury, and those managing disabilities.

Stuart is a keen reader and animal lover, and away from work he enjoys staying active with weight training and beach running.

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Kayla Anderson

Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Kayla is experienced working with people who need support managing chronic disease, chronic pain and disability and has been with us since 2019. She takes a special interest in women's health including pre and post-partum exercise and has a genuine passion for empowering women. Her knowledgeable and supportive approach allows her to work effectively with our clients to help them achieve their goals.

Kayla has experience working in a variety of areas including chronic disease management, chronic pain and disability. Kayla has a special interest in women's health including pregnancy, pre and post partum exercise and is passionate about empowering women to help them achieve their goals. As an ex-dancer Kayla loves to move her body and keeps herself active in a variety of ways including group classes and strength training in the gym.

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Gwynell Penny

Practice Manager

Practice Manager since our inception, Gwynell has more than 20 years in the swimming and aquatics industry as a trainer and assessor. She enjoys working in environments which help children, adults and minority groups, including people with disabilities and new arrivals, to reach their full potential.

Away from work, you’ll likely find Gwynell curled up with a good book, getting stuck into a craft project, learning a new language, or heading outdoors for a swim or hike.

And you may have spotted Gwynell and Nick share a surname: they’re mother and son.

Ryan Morena

Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Respiratory Specialist

Ryan is experienced in providing exercise prescription to healthy populations since 2015 and working in recent years within the aged care sector delivering programs and promoting healthy lifestyles. He has experience in working within respiratory medicine in the public health system and providing testing and health education for a range of respiratory conditions.

He enjoys giving people the motivation to take on challenges and tailor unique exercise programs to help them to feel comfortable and confident with achieving their goals.

In his down time Ryan enjoys distance running, weight training, and spending time with his two dogs

The Team

Left to right: Gwynell Penny (Practice Manager), Nick Penny (Director), Stuart Jeffs (Senior AEP), Kayla Anderson (AEP)