Neurological conditions and brain health

Client enjoying a recumbent bike after stroke

Testimonial: Scott


What did you achieve from our Exercise Physiology program

  • Increased fitness strength, balance, endurance after my stroke
  • I really enjoy my sessions in the gym with Nick


Exercise is important for the heart and brain!

High blood pressure, increased cholesterol and obesity are some of the most common risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Regular exercise long term has been shown to help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels and is vital for weight management.

Thankfully exercise has been shown to be one of the most effective modifiable factors that can reduce your cardiovascular risk. Exercise has also been shown to significantly improve health and quality of life following an event such as stroke and myocardial infarction (heart attack) among other conditions. Safe exercise programs have been shown to improve unstable angina, unstable angina and chronic heart failure to name a few.

Safety is paramount in an exercise program! An Exercise Physiologist is trained to assess your cardiovascular risk and provide appropriate and safe exercise prescription for a variety of cardiovascular diseases so you can live a full and independent life. Our team measure heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation during your supervised exercise programs.

It is sometimes difficult to stay motivated on your own which is why we offer group exercise programs to link you with others. We look forward to working with you!


How the program works:

  1. A 45 minute initial assessment will occur taking into account your individual health status and goals for the program. We will also review education on how to improve your lifestyle with small and simple changes and a provide a basic overview of your personalized exercise program. This will be sent to your treating doctor to assist him/her in looking after your health.
  2. A second 30 minute appointment will occur to review your exercise program and adjust the program to suit your needs and interests.
  3. You are then able to continue one on one exercise sessions or progress to a group class with your individualized program depending on your needs and interests.
  4. Your goals, health status and pre-exercise measures will be reviewed every four to six weeks to show you your progress and update your treating medical experts.

We have also included a list of free exercise programs that may assist you while we work with you to complete your goals. Please see below.


Additional free community programs:

We take pride in assisting clients in linking with other community driven health activities and events. FREE walking, Thai Chi and exercise activities in the community will assist you in long term health in a social setting with people similar to yourself. Please see below links to other community events. Please speak to your Exercise Physiologist to discuss the suitability of each program before booking with an event:

Heart foundation walking programs: Local area walking groups. Many groups are within 5 minutes from clients homes. Distances vary and pets can be allowed to attend depending on the group!

Thai Chi: Located near Pasadena. Facilitated by the Chinese Welfare Services. Chinese tradition that has evolved over centuries to become a means of alleviating stress and anxiety.

Park run 5km walking and jogging events: A very popular weekly event. Local 5km timed event with various ages and health profiles. This is a self-paced timed event across numerous locations in South Australia.

Parks that contain free equipment: There are many locations across Adelaide and South Australia that have exercise equipment placed in park locations. These are free to use for the public. We are happy to discuss including these in your program if they are appropriate to you.